The UNITED PRO truck scale is a modular steel structure, perfect for convenient assembly. It’s been tested for intensive operation in difficult conditions. The weighbridge of the UNITED PRO scale includes special laser-cut steel profiles. The entire structure of 18m long scale can bear up the load of 80T capacity. The external non-slip layer is made of 8mm-thick chequered plate. During the production process, the scale is subjected to blasting and coating in a spray booth.

Easy to assembly, hard to beat – with maximum load per axle 12 000kg UNITED PRO is recommended for use in a stone quarry, mining  nad metallurgy industries

The UNITED PRO truck scale is suitable for any type of popular column loadcells – including your favourite ones

Very easy to transport in a standard cargo truck or sea container.


  • Is completly steel and modular structure
  • It is portable , easy for transport and relocation – cost effective
  • Construction works are reduced to minimum
  • Perfect solution for temporary sites
  • Crane is no needed for assembling – just fork lift
  • The highest quality of steel is used for construction, the modules are laser cut
  • The weight capacity up to 80T and loading capacity 12T per axle

Available dimensions:

  • 6m x 3m
  • 12m x 3m
  • 18m x 3m
  • 24m x 3m